CRP-0505, Soft Hand
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Posted by Slimebeast on: May 02, 2020, 05:22:34 PM

A wad of CRP-0505's green material.

Item Number: CRP-0505

Danger Level: Eh.

Restraining Directives: CRP-0505 is to be stored in a small canister with plastic lid. While there is no immediate danger if this procedure is not followed, it must be done in order to keep CRP-0505 fresh and malleable. Please stop leaving CRP-0505 out or it will get crusty.

Description: CRP-0505 is a collection of various different colors of molding clay produced by [DATA EXPUNGED] for use of children ages 3 and up.

Colors of clay included in CRP-0505 are:
  • Orange
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Purple

CRP-0505 was retrieved from [REDACTED] Daycare in [REDACTED], USA. When questioned, the owner of the daycare facility claimed to have purchased a wholesale shipment of [DATA EXPUNGED] brand clay in an online auction. Over time, various canisters of the clay were handed out to children. It is unclear exactly how and when CRP-0505 was collected together from these random containers.

Subjects who attempt to mold an object out of CRP-0505 will construct a left human hand in life-like, meticulous detail. Said hand will be molded identically to previous sculpts regardless of the subject's artistic talent. Testing with vision-impaired subjects, as well as subjects with hindered motor functions, have given the same exact result. It took a lot longer, though.

Regardless of what the subject is asked to mold, they will invariably create the same shape. When asked why they ignored directions, subjects universally appear at a loss for an explanation. On rare occasion, subjects will openly lie and say they misheard and thought they were told to sculpt a hand.

Once molded, CRP-0505 can easily be squished, balled up, and returned to its original state with no anomalous effects.

A casual Google search of the [DATA EXPUNGED] company with the word "hand" was performed. Results indicate that ███████ J. [REDACTED], a factory worker for the company, suffered a workplace accident. This accident resulted in the loss of his left hand.

Further Information:

Test Log CRP-0505-00:

███████ J. [REDACTED] was sought out and brought to the institute for testing under the guise of a worker's union inquiry. At no time was ███████ J. [REDACTED] informed about CRP-0505, and at no time did he witness CRP-0505. He never figured it out and didn't ask any questions. Cool it with the amnestics, people.

Researcher M.K. Boller conducted the interview. Casual small-talk and unrelated questions meant to mislead the interviewee as to the true nature of the questioning have been expunged from this log.

███████ J. [REDACTED]: So the Bishop goes: "I thought it was a zucchini!"

M.K. Boller:  [laughs] Alright. Okay. Shit. Back on track.

███████ J. [REDACTED]: Yeah, sorry.

M.K. Boller: No problem. We just have some formalities to clear up, then I can let you get out of here.

███████ J. [REDACTED]: Shoot.

M.K. Boller: Can you state your name, place of birth, and date of birth for the record?

███████ J. [REDACTED]: ███████ Jeremiah [REDACTED], New York City [REDACTED], April twelfth, nineteen-eighty [REDACTED].

M.K. Boller: Alrighty. Now, tough subject, take your time if you need to. What exactly lead to your injury? The hand, of course.

███████ J. [REDACTED]: Ah, shit. Well, you know how it goes. I was new on the job, and the veteran workers had this thing where they'd tell new recruits to clear out the cutter by hand. Nine times out of ten, I guess the new guy is too smart to fall for it. I was the one dumbfuck out of ten, and on that particular day a completely different dumbfuck forgot to turn the machine off before the joke.

M.K. Boller: Yikes.

███████ J. [REDACTED]: I was in shock when it happened. Everything was real fast and stuff. [interviewee verbalizes the sound of metal closing on metal]! I think they were more horrified than I was at that moment.

M.K. Boller: Did they retrieve the hand?

███████ J. [REDACTED]: Nope. I would've made a bigger fuss but my lawyer got them to settle out of court almost immediately. Gonna sound like a brag, buy yeah... I'm set for life. I only work now because I'd get bored otherwise.

[At this point, M.K. Boller opens a small box concealed beneath the interview table. The box contains CRP-0505, molded into its usual hand shape. At no time does the interviewee seem to notice. He cannot see the box, nor its contents. Stop giving people amnestics without checking.]

M.K. Boller: Just a couple more questions, here...

[MK. Boller jabs a pin into CRP-0505.]

M.K. Boller: How are you feeling?

███████ J. [REDACTED]: Oh, fine.

M.K. Boller: Hmm.

███████ J. [REDACTED]: You sound disappointed that I'm okay. [laughs]

[M.K. Boller applies the pin to each color of clay comprising CRP-0505.]

M.K. Boller: Let me know if that changes. If you have any discomfort whatsoever. Even if it's as small as, I don't know, a pin prick or something.

███████ J. [REDACTED]: Nope, I'm good.

[M.K. Boller pulls a finger off of CRP-0505.]

M.K. Boller: Still?

███████ J. [REDACTED]: ... Yes.

M.K. Boller: Just checking. Man, that Bishop joke. That was a good one.

███████ J. [REDACTED]: Yeah.

[M.K. Boller balls up CRP-0505 into unrecognizable mush.]

M.K. Boller: Well, unless you're feeling some kind of phantom pains or whatever, I guess we can conclude, now.

███████ J. [REDACTED]: Uhm. Okay.

M.K. Boller: Sounds good.

███████ J. [REDACTED]: Right.

M.K. Boller: Nice meeting you.

[Both men stand and shake hands. Interviewee discreetly smells his hand and recoils, presumably from the odor of clay, before exiting interview room.]

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