CRP-1234, A Man Apart
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Posted by Slimebeast on: June 25, 2019, 09:28:14 PM

SCP-1234-3 in some sort of formation.

Item Number: CRP-1234

Danger Level: Ebony Hexagon

Restraining Directives: CRP-1234 requires separate containment procedures for each specific instance. CRP-1234-1 is to be contained in a standard live animal cage. CRP-1234-2 is to be held in a standard bucket with snap-on lid. CRP-1234-3 is to be disassembled and contained in two hundred and six individual steel storage boxes. CRP-1234-4 is to be contained within a plastic trash bag which has been securely tied at the opening.

Description: CRP-1234 is a 37 year old human being legally known as Carl Joseph Parsons. CRP-1234 was discovered in the sub-basement of ██████ Hospital on ██/██/97 after several complaints of a "haunting" from hospital staff. CRP strike team Purple Paramecium was dispatched to the location and secured CRP-1234 after a brief confrontation. Seventeen members of Purple Paramecium were killed, mostly by friendly fire.

CRP-1234 appears to have undergone a currently inexplicable metamorphosis and has divided into four separate entities. These anomalous beings seem to operate as fully separate individuals and do not appear to share a collective consciousness.

CRP-1234-1 is a shapeless conglomeration of human flesh, muscle tissue, and organs. It moves by shifting its weight and rolling along surfaces. CRP-1234-1 will ingest any organic materials in its path and excretes large amounts of waste. Subject babbles incoherently when its mouth isn't covered by folds of flesh, and its eyes similarly rotate randomly in an unfocused state.

CRP-1234-2 is a puddle of free-flowing human blood, similar to or matching the amount of blood found in an adult male. CRP-1234-2 appears to be able to move in any direction, including up slopes. CRP-1234-2 flows under doors and through cracks, making it very hard to contain. When CRP-1234-2 comes in contact with a living being, it will enter through available openings, bursting the circulatory system.

CRP-1234-3 is a complete human skeleton. Subject organizes itself into a variety of combinations dependent upon its needs. Configurations of CRP-1234-3 include, but are not limited to "Bone Spider", "Bone Snake", and "Bone Person" standard human skeletal structure. CRP-1234-3 "frees" the bones from any creature with an endoskeleton that it comes into contact with, living or dead. These bones are then added to CRP-1234-3's current structure, but are discarded when it reconfigures itself.

CRP-1234-4 is a gaseous cloud that may or may not represent a human soul. Subject is barely visible to the human eye and moves weightlessly through the air. While CRP-1234-4 does not appear negatively affect others, researchers describe feelings of cold and sadness when in its presence.

It is currently not known if CRP-1234 can be reassembled into a normal man. Researchers are instructed not to attempt this until the institute has attained sufficient data from the separate entities.

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