Bioknuckles (1979)
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Posted by ApoloTrevent on: May 12, 2019, 05:51:36 AM
Title: Bioknuckles (1979)
Rating: R
Genre: Thriller
Studio: The Missile Launcher Group, Inc.

Rating: 🍄 33% (Moldy)

Description: They're Pulsing! They're Twitchy! They're Coming for Your FACE!

Robert Organian was a security guard on the Museum of Archeological History, he had a happy life and a happy wife... until the day the Sacrificial Bowl of Oxcamalocalcos arrived to his workplace and called for him to dip his hands on it during the night shift. Now his knuckles have become sentient and morphed into hungry tiny beasts that only want one thing... FLESH! Will Robert be able to control the pull of the creatures or will his fists keep claiming victims agaisnt his will?

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