CRP-8309, Giant Flightless Bird
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Posted by Feardrome on: March 23, 2019, 06:10:38 AM
Item Number: CRP-8309, Giant Flightless Bird

Danger Level: Troublesome

Restraining Directives: CRP-8309 is to be contained in an enclosure no different than that of any regular zoo. It is preferred that the enclosure is rich with vegetation and is monitored by staff who are well-trained and patient enough to handle the demands of the creature.

Description: CRP-8309 is a large flightless bird heavily reminiscent to the Oviraptor, an extinct dinosaur from the late Cretaceous era. Adult males of this species can stand up to 7 feet in height and weigh 250 lbs while females are a mere foot shorter and weigh significantly less at 230 lbs. Males are distinguishable from females as they possess bright-blue Mohawks which are typically unveiled to impress females though have also been used to ward off other males as well as intruders; females lack this feature. Due to being flightless, CRP-8309 lack conventional feathers and instead have a quilt similar to that of a Cassowary, albeit with a grey tone and much smoother texture.

CRP-8309 are omnivorous and often prefer consuming fruits though they have been known to consume the eggs of other animals and, in some instances, have been seen torturing newborn animals before picking them up and swallowing them. They don't attack animals and violent encounters with humans are rare though can occur if provoked or during mating season.

CRP-8309 live within steep jungles and rain-forests though are surprisingly quick to adapt to any sort of forest environment as long as they have access to fruit in plentiful amounts. However, due to their massive appetites, they have gained a bad reputation for sweeping crops clean and then migrating to another location to do it again.

CRP-8309 are also notorious for their verbal belligerence as they often tend talk back to humans in much the same way they would to other males and sometimes females. Due to their intelligence, they are very quick to pick up on human behavior even to the point of mimicking it. Should one encounter CRP-8309, it is best to avoid their
hostile ways as engaging in combat will prove to be a fatal decision.

Further Information: CRP-8309 have often been found in colonies in the remote parts of Vietnam and Laos, similar in structure to ancient human tribes. This is likely due to these creatures mimicking the ways of still-existing tribes and using these skills to infiltrate and overwhelm them. Any sightings of CRP-8309 are to be taken seriously as these creatures have been confirmed to vandalize properties, commit robberies and even in one extreme instance, take victims hostage due to their powerful learning capabilities. Ignoring their challenges is often advised to civilians as they are not known to persist unless if fought prior.