CRP-0427, Angry Clipart
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Posted by Slimebeast on: March 16, 2019, 11:56:43 PM

A screenshot of CRP-0427 after being closed for 30 days.

Item Number: CRP-0427

Danger Level: Off-Putting

Restraining Directives: CRP-0427 is kept in a folder named "New Folder (27)" on computer terminal JJ-10 in CRP computer lab ███-████. It is to be displayed on a monitor at all times.

Description: CRP-0427 is a PNG format image file depicting various stock images of objects and models. The image depicted by CRP-0427 changes on occasion, seeming to follow a course of events set in a separate "world" within the image file itself. For example, CRP-0427 may depict a single bowl of cereal on a white backdrop in the morning. It may then switch to two smiling young women enjoying lunch at a country club by noon. Images are static and do not move, however the image will alter itself when it isn't being watched. CRP-0427 has been noted to change during the span of a blink.

Human beings depicted by CRP-0427 change randomly, and at this time it is not known if they ever appear more than once. Objects, on the other hand, repeat often. In fact, multiple copy/paste-style instances of the same object may appear in the same scenario. Models and objects always appear to be poorly edited together with little to no visible attempt at making the scenes appear natural.

When CRP-0427 is closed for any reason, its "inhabitants" become enraged and will be depicted in an agitated state when the image file is re-opened. Minor discontent may be expressed by a single model looking toward the viewer with a displeased expression. The longer the file is closed, however, the more models appear in a gradually increased state of outrage. Power outages and system crashes are (quite unfairly) treated the same as a purposeful closing of the file.

CRP-0427 was downloaded from [REDACTED].com for use in a CRP Institute newsletter. When its anomalous properties were discovered, white hat hackers associated with CRP permanently removed it from the website. The only known instance of this file is now in CRP custody.

Screenshots and photos of CRP-0427 do not display any anomalous properties.

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