CRP-0024, Flip-Out Flip-Book
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Posted by Slimebeast on: March 12, 2019, 01:26:24 AM
Item Number: CRP-0024

Danger Level: Pretty Bad

Restraining Directives: Object is to be kept on the shelf of inappropriate literature in containment library 12-C.

Description: This is a small flip-book with "FLIP-OUT FRANK" emblazoned on the cover in red, scratchy lettering. When flipping the book front-to-back (as is standard), animated scenes of a round little man in a business suit will appear. The scenario changes between uses, but all center on this small man, presumed to be "Frank", suffering some sort of unpleasant event. This includes scenes such as a broken-down car, a lost wallet, and a blow to the head from a falling flower pot. After each event, "Frank" will thrash on the ground. Flipping the book backward (the incorrect manner) appears to reveal a separate animation to the user, which cannot be perceived by anyone not holding the book. After the animation has concluded, the user exclaims "Poor Frank!" and immediately collapses to floor, thrashing wildly before slipping into a comatose state.

Further Information:  The following entries provide a brief example of story lines that have been recorded by researchers. Backward story lines seemingly cannot be explained by the user, and needless to say they cannot be described when the user is comatose.

Researcher: Dr. P.M. Wibbles
Story Title: "Let Me Bee Frank"
Plot: Frank wants honey for his toast. Finding none in the kitchen, he proceeds to harass a bee's nest. He is stung several times before falling to the ground and thrashing in apparent agony.

Researcher: Dr. H.M. Krimpet
Story Title: "Frank's On Empty"
Plot: Frank runs out of gas in a small desert town and is violently beaten by mutant rednecks. He is doused with gasoline, set on fire, and left thrashing in apparent agony.

Researcher: Dr. L.L. Lullaby
Story Title: "Frank and Stein"
Plot: Frank orders a beer at a bar, and is served a poisonous chemical by a mad scientist bartender. He vomits repeatedly, then falls onto the floor and thrashes in apparent agony.

Researcher: Dr. O.S. Chambermail
Story Title: "Happy Franksgiving"
Plot: Frank joins a group of characters, presumed to be his family, for a traditional Thanksgiving holiday dinner. After he is surprised to find no food is being served, Frank is struck on the head with a meat tenderizer. He wakes up on the table, as a prepared turkey with a human head. He thrashes in apparent agony as he is carved.

Testing with pages torn or cut out of the book is pending approval.

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