Is Stephen King Creepypasta?
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Posted by PostMortem on: March 04, 2019, 03:44:47 AM
The ever loved “King of horror” the man himself Stephen King as been turning out work for decades now. Yet some of the content in his works is a bit to close to bad internet writings. Weither it’s scene of near edgy and creepy uncle, or cocain filed detailed ramblings that make little sense. These when described by what the mean a literal words on paper or by the artistic meaning, sound like a high school kids first online story. Is there a difference?

Honestly I dont think there really is a difference from Stephen King in his early and drug filled days and online horror authors. King is no shy man when it comes to how he came into writing. As in letters and interviews he’s mentioned being turned down, from his high school newsletter. It was a point where his mistakes and all his slips where the most obvious. He was a teen who loved stories and wanted to tell them. That’s how a lot of his early short works read. A teen trying to make the rough works out for something. Many of which feel similar to the intention of more well known works. These where publish original in article magazines to niche markets that acted as a forum.

So how does that differ from any group of online authors? Dead is the way of printed media and most magazines with active user articles. Alive is the time of horrific cesspool of Internet forums. Making it a market of free shares posted stories not marketed to paying subscribers. There’s no editors turning you down, no thrive to get paid for your works. So more and more unappreciated or underdeveloped stories go by.

In both mediums we see sights of none sense and bizarre situations. Odd dialogues here and there and some logic leaps with humorous outcomes.  That lead to either a classic pulp story or a horrible odd disaster.

So really it’s up to you and me to decide what levels of oddball niche writer is what. Yet aren’t we all still just serving the same market of user submitted content with social feedback?