15 Examples of Random Bullshit That Sound Like SyFy Channel Original Movies
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Sure, we all know that SyFy Channel original movies exist. But what about others that don't?

Here are 15 words and phrases that sound like SyFy Channel original movies, but aren't.

15.) Clown Cop
Officer Sprinkles is the latest recruit on the Barnum City Police Force. This hard-nosed, red-nosed cop has a FUNNY concept of justice.

14.) Flameingo vs. Zombuzzard
You got to the end of Flameingo. You tolerated Zombuzzard. Now, these cult not-quite-classics collide in a one hour and forty-five minute event!

13.) Shoenivore: The Sneaker That Snacks
Once you try on the hot new sports shoe, you'll never take it off!

12.) Birth Of An Abomi-Nation
When a Civil War era steampunk mech is let loose on a modern-day populace, the history of the American South becomes problematic.

11.) Skeletrons: Rise of the Bonebots
They're not Autobots. They're not Decepticons. We're legally obligated to mention that.

10.) Cop Shark
When a grizzled police officer who's one day from retirement is shot, his spirit returns... in great white shark form!

09.) Y2K Bugs Eat The Mayan Calendar
In the year 2000, the world ended. Then, in the year 2012, the world ended again. Now it's ending... for the last time!

08.) 1Eye-1Horn_Giant.Purple.PPL.Eatr
In this modern reimagining of the classic song, a strange monster from a streaming music service preys on digital pirates.

07.) Venus Die-Trap
For countless millennia, this plant-based fiend has remained untouched. Now it's gonna touch you - to death!

06.) Climate Strange: Global Worming
Just like Al Gore predicted, the worms are here... they're huge.... they're hungry... and it's all thanks to big polluters!

05.) Night Screechers
What screeches in the night? The audience member with the best idea gets their explanation in the sequel!

04.) Pizzapocalypse vs. Catastraghetti
An Italian restaurant owner (Mark-Paul Gosselaar) is the only man standing between humanity and the deadliest heartburn.

03.) Rabbitrocity
How do you stop a horde of man-eating, egg-flinging Easter Bunnies that multiply like their namesake?!

02.) Shark Cop
When a grizzled great white shark who's one day from retirement is shot, his spirit returns... in police officer form!

01.) Brutolph the Dead-Nosed Paindeer
He'll guide his OWN slaying tonight!

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