CRP-3489, Sentient Fuzzy Balls
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Posted by Feardrome on: March 03, 2019, 10:51:40 PM
Item Number: CRP-3489, Sentient Fuzzy Balls

Danger Level: Moderate

Restraining Directives: CRP-3489 are to be kept contained within small titanium boxes. Cardboard and plastic are not recommended as they often break out easily from holes or simply removing the lid with force.

Description: CRP-3489 are an unidentified species of fungus which assume the form of a ball-shaped mass completely covered in fur. They are not dangerous upon skin contact though the texture can range from soft to rough - research suggests this is due to dietary habits.

CRP-3489 are omnivorous organisms that primarily feed on crops and carrion. However, reports of these creatures feeding on human remains have surfaced in the past, including incidents in which they have killed and devoured live prey, such as pets and livestock. However, these reports lack sufficient evidence and most live experiments have confirmed CRP-3489 to be fairly docile.

CRP-3489's main method of transportation is by simply rolling to a particular destination and consuming whatever food source there is to be found. They are also known to climb trees, though these sightings are more common in woodland areas. CRP-3489 have also been found to avoid large bodies of water and often prefer absorbing the liquid through lettuce, which they consume very often.

CRP-3489 are asexual and are known to lay approximately 200 eggs which hatch at any given moment; their offspring grow at an extremely fast rate as they tend to reach sexual maturity after only a week. Due to this, they are labelled as an invasive species.

Further Information: CRP-3489 are often imported illegally from various islands in New Guinea. The best solution is to spray any cargo with pesticide. In addition, CRP-3489 bare a strong resemblance to fuzzy pom-pom key-chains. The best way to tell them apart is to make sure if the key-chain not only has a chain but also if it doesn't move.