CRP-0087, Console Corruption
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Posted by Phantom on: March 03, 2019, 10:12:33 PM
Item Number: CRP-0087

Danger Level: Harmless

Restraining Directives: CRP-0087 must be contained in a Nintendo Entertainment System box and must only be taken out during testing.

Description: CRP-0087 is currently in the form of a fully functional Nintendo Entertainment System or NES for short.
CRP-0087 was retrieved from a house in  ███████ when we retrieved CRP-0087 it  was in the form of a Sega Genesis.

CRP-0087  will twist it's own shape into a different console every 10 years. CRP-0087 can  only change into a different console as long as the console it shifts into exist.   
When personal tested CRP-0087 we also found out that it "corrupts" the games from the cartridges put in it. Making the games dark and twisted. For example when one of our personal slipped a Super Mario Bros cartridge into CRP-0087 instead of the "Fire flower"  it was replaced by an assault rifle.  Also instead of the "squished" effect the enemies have when stomped on it's replaced with a bloody splat.
Further Information:
CRP-0087 is completely harmless.
The games that are "corrupted" by CRP-0087 will return back to normal when slipped into any console that isn't CRP-0087.

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