Your Time is Over, Old Man! Momo is the New Jeff the Killer.
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If you grew up with Jeff the Killer, or at least knew of him during your younger years, I have some bad news for you.

You're old, out of touch, and rapidly dying.

Jeff has been replaced with a new goofy-faced weirdo who likes to give dumb people nightmares, and - guess what? It's current year, and the future of nightmare fuel is female.

Deal with it.

Who or what is Jeff the Killer?

As far as anyone seems to know, "Jeff the Killer" began as an image meme. The photo, crudely manipulated to be "scary", features an unknown person of undetermined gender. This face was Photoshopped to be stark white, with lidless eyes and an elongated smile.

The original legend surrounding this image focused on the idea that viewers would die after viewing it. However, Jeff's most widely accepted back story is that he's a 13 year old, credited to a fellow by the name of "Sesseur".

Oh... A 13 year old that likes to hurt people, and was bleached... and set on fire... and cut off his eyelids... and cut his mouth open... and is a serial killer... and tells people to "Go To Sleep". He has a brother, and parents, and they're all dead or not dead depending on which sequels and spin-offs you read.

Essentially, at this point in time, a series of fan fictions and erotic novellas have corrupted and twisted the original creation beyond it's intended purpose.

Who or what is Momo?

"Momo" is a physical art object created by Japanese sculptor Keisuke Aiso. It features the (deformed) head of a woman and (more or less) the body of a bird. It's basically John Carpenter's Shelley Duvall.

As with most "super spoopy" images, Momo quickly caught attention of the Internet Meme Community™. It wasn't long before the image was cropped to show only the face before being spread across the web as "totally real u guys" and "not fake I swears".

Currently, the media is having a feargasm over a "game" associated with the image. (The Momo Challenge.) One that supposedly encourages children and teens to commit go to sleep. No factual evidence supports this rumor - but who cares?

What are the similarities?

Both the Jeff and Momo image memes...

  • Began internet life as a random image.
  • Have black hair.
  • Have no eyelids.
  • Have goofy extended smiles.
  • Supposedly caused harm by viewing.
  • Suck.
  • Are stupid.
  • Aren't magic.
  • Can't hurt you.
  • Have never hurt anyone.

What are the ramifications?

While Jeff existed in the early days of "Creepypasta", and has survived mainly by being grandfathered in, Momo exists in a post-Slender-stabbing world. Creepy internet phenomena now has a mild stigma attached to it, and anything encouraging or thought to encourage violence will be blown way out of proportion.

So while Jeff has lived a long an depressing life, (watch for the Blumhouse movie some day soon, I guarantee it) Momo is more likely to quickly disappear into the bowels of the interner.

Especially since the original sculptor destroyed Momo. (But let's be honest - a rotting Momo crawling through trash is infinitely more unsettling.)

So which one is better?


At least it's actual art.

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