CRP-0003, Polaroid Pictures
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Posted by Carlie on: March 03, 2019, 05:14:30 AM
Item Number: CRP-0003

Danger Level: Mundane

Restraining Directives: CRP-0003 is to be kept at room temperature in lockbox in [REDACTED]. The extra colored film, Polaroid 600 kind, may be stored in the same lockbox. CPR-0003-A may also be kept in the lockbox.

Description:  CRP-0003 is a black, worn Polaroid OneStep 600 instant camera measuring to be 10.7 by 14.5 by 16.5 cm, weighing 7.3 hectograms. On its left side is a purple sticker with yellow letters saying “MAGIC!” Connected to each side is a standard, slightly frayed, black neck strap.

Anomalous properties appear when a photo is taken when the flash is on. When the flash goes off, all subjects watching the subject being photographed by CRP-0003 will be temporarily blinded by the flash or blink uncontrollably at the same time as the flash goes off.  After the flash goes off, the subject in the focus of CRP-0003 will appear to disappear from sight. All high-speed cameras show the subject getting enveloped by light before disappearing. After the exposure is processed in CRP-0003, a photo is printed of the last moment of the subject.

CRP-0003 can take more than one subject in focus and inside the frame at a time. If a subject, or subjects, are cut off out of the frame, then the part cut out of the frame will be cleanly severed off from the subject and will not disappear.

Further Information: CRP-0003 was brought to our attention when a string of disappearances connected with a magician’s disappearing act was brought to a close when the magician in question, a Mr. Malony, was found dead bleeding from his crotch. Mr. Malony was using CRP-0003 to take pictures of objects as his act. Then he’d ask an audience member, usually hecklers, to participate in the disappearing act. When capturing CRP-0003, agents found scrapbooks of all the audience members he took pictures of over the years, and his last picture.

Further Further Information: As of incident [REDACTED] it has been discovered that when photo’s that have come from CRP-0003 are ripped, the subject in the photos that were previously missing, come out of the ripped photo. Photos from CRP-0003 are now to be designated as CRP-0003-Subject-#1. The subject in CRP-0003-Subject-1 was an erect penis and a twitching testicle that was assumed to belong to Mr. Malony.

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