CRP-0061, Kimmy-Ken
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Posted by Slimebeast on: May 02, 2020, 06:47:59 PM

CRP-0061, being a lil bro

Item Number: CRP-0061

Danger Level: Baxter 7

Restraining Directives: Kimmy-Ken can do what it wants and go where it wants. Kimmy-Ken CRP-0061 is allowed to freely roam the grounds interior of the CRP Institute. He can do what he likes he is a bol boi. At this time, editing CRP-0061's file requires level 6 7 8 9 clearance.


CRP-0061 was retrieved from an unnamed forest in [REDACTED]. Residents of nearby villages referred to CRP-0061 by a name that phonetically resembles "Kimmy-Ken". Several members of various CRP extraction teams are still currently missing in and around said forest. It is presumed that local residents seeking to "protect" CRP-0061 may be involved in the disappearances.

CRP-0061 is a spherical being with simple bipedal legs that stands at 4'5" tall. CRP-0061 moves quickly and seemingly at random, and will break into a sprint for no apparent reason. CRP-0061 will throw itself through the air, again at random times, striking walls, objects, and other living beings.

CRP-0061 screams unintelligibly... again, at random... in bursts of one to one hundred "words" per exclamation. These utterances have a (random) volume level of 30 to 130 decibels.

Every so often, CRP-0061 will perch in a high place, sit cross-legged, and make deep belching sounds.

Despite this behavior, subjects appear to display an inexplicable fondness toward CRP-0061. For example, subjects struck by CRP-0061 react with laughter regardless of the speed and angle of impact. Red welts and fractured bones appear to produce no physical pain until the subject has been removed from CRP-0061's presence for a period of at least ten minutes.

Every 90 days, CRP-0061 cracks like an egg, and CRP-0061 emerges from within. Upon emergence, the sound of phantom air horns can be heard by subjects within a 100 foot radius of CRP-0061.

If CRP-0061 is perceived to be in danger, especially at the hands of an attacker, any witnesses to the event will step in. Intervening subjects display no regard for the lives of anyone other than cutey doody Kimmy-Kimmy-Ken-Ken CRP-0061, including themselves.

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