CRP-0575, Creative Origami Bird
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Posted by Slimebeast on: March 02, 2019, 08:29:44 PM

CRP-0575 in folded state.

Item Number: CRP-0575

Danger Level: Lite

Restraining Directives: CRP-0575 is to be kept in a standard wire bird cage measuring around 36.2'' high by 18.1'' tall by 13.9'' wide. The floor of said bird cage is to be lined with newspaper featuring written articles and few images. Writing is to be placed facing upward. Newspaper is to be replaced on a daily basis.

Description: CRP-0575 is a small sheet of featureless white parchment, carefully folded into the shape of an origami bird; specifically a sparrow. CRP-0575 measures 6" in length. CRP-0575 is ambulatory, and behaves similar to a living, organic bird of said species. It will hop, fly, and move its beak as if singing, though no sound is produced. When provided with a mirror, CRP-0575 will attempt to court its reflection.

CRP-0575 does not appear to require food or water in a normal sense, but will hunt and peck for written letters. Ingested letters are completely removed from surfaces while leaving said surface blank and unharmed. Letters consumed can be printed in ink, written with a writing utensil, or painted. Small letters are consumed easily, while larger letters are methodically consumed in sections.

Once CRP-0575 has eaten enough letters, it will begin behaving as if preening its feathers. In actuality, CRP-0575 is unfolding itself. Once unfolded, CRP-0575 becomes a normal section of parchment with no visible creases. Letters previously consumed then appear on the page in the form of a standard haiku. Poems gradually fade within the span of seventy minutes, then vanish entirely, at which point CRP-0575 will fold itself back into an origami sparrow.

The Haikus created by CRP-0575 range from thought-provoking to nonsensical, depending on whether or not it is able to locate suitable letters during its consuming phase.

Further Information: The following is a list of CRP-0575's more notable haikus, as recorded by CRP researchers.

(CRP-0575 provided with a large selection of pages from a dictionary. Subject appears excited.)
Soft as the willow
A trunk as strong as iron
So too do I bend

(CRP-0575 provided with several pages from █████ fashion magazine. Subject appears contented.)
Water around me
Is this a sea I swim in
An ocean of tears

(CRP-0575 provided with a hand-written page of very few random letters. Subject appears confused.)
Basking in the sun
She reaches out for my hand
Lemon sofa pants

When presented with over a thousand pages consisting of only the letter Q, subject CRP-575 refused to eat. It eventually became sluggish and bit several researchers, causing painful paper cuts.

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