Creepypasta Field Guide

Description: PDF format.

From Christopher Howard "Slimebeast" Wolf, creator of widely acclaimed stories such as "Abandoned by D*sney", comes the one true guidebook to Creepypasta creatures!

In 2013, Slimebeast redefined the lost episode genre with the aptly named story, "Lost Episodes", giving a new singular origin to haunted video stories. Now, he's back to redefine a bowlful of pasta tropes with inventive origins and histories.

Have you heard of the Stabby Teen? You know, the disaffected youth who likes to go around cutting up innocent victims? As it turns out, they suffer from a very specific set of symptoms caused by a bad batch of energy drinks. What about the Party Cannibal, who turns gruesome dissection into a super-fun party that usually ends with cupcakes? To be completely honest, they just need to reduce their dosage of a specific medication available from the fine folks at Lazarix Pharmaceuticals.

30 Creepypasta beings are explained with a description, history, and advice on how to avoid them. Learn more than you ever wanted to know about many different clichés!

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