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Title: CRP-1130, Bryce, Ewen
Post by: A. Warren Johnson on May 16, 2019, 04:22:49 AM
Item Number: CRP-1130, Bryce, Ewen.

Danger Level: Unknown at this time.

Restraining Directives: Use of force unauthorized at this time due to the instability of CRP-1130's dimensional displacement.  Current directives to monitor social media activities only. It is inadvisable at this time to initiate contact in any form, physical, electronic or otherwise.

Description: The last know photograph of CRP-1130 is at 15 years of age from [REDACTED]  Senior Secondary.  Recent reports of CRP-1130 have indicated that CRP-1130 is Caucasian. Approximately 5'11" to 6'. Hazel eyes. Sandy blonde / red hair. Slight Irish accent.

Further Information: CRP-1130 is currently deceased in the current continuity.  Cause of death is recorded as Hodgkin Lymphoma at age 15. Addendums will be added as required.