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I know why Rick Moranis really quit show business; he was eaten by slugs.

My slutty dead sister keeps borrowing my favorite dress... and ruining it!

Site Information (READ ME!) / How to write for the CRP Institute
« on: February 27, 2019, 07:04:55 PM »

1.) It doesn't have to be funny. Just be interesting.

2.) It's better if you don't go overboard. (Optional for comedic effect, generally kills the fun if it's overdrawn, super dramatic, and/or "epic".)

3.) Use this format for your subject:

CRP-####, Name of Entry

(Use 3 to 4 numbers. Use the comma!)

4.) Don't re-use a number. Check to make sure the one you want isn't taken, first.


Code: [Select]
[b][color=orange]Item Number:[/color][/b] CRP-####

[b][color=orange]Danger Level:[/color][/b] Whatever you damn hell ass want to write here.

[b][color=orange]Restraining Directives:[/color][/b] The methods by which this thing is contained and/or protected.

[b][color=orange]Description:[/color][/b] You know what to write here. The description. Duh.

[b][color=orange]Further Information:[/color][/b] (Optional if needed.)

For a simple shortcut, just copy this to redact stuff: █

Blanking out info in a variety of ways is encouraged but not required. It also gets annoying if used TOO much.



Play it by ear, try to do what fits best.

Site Information (READ ME!) / How to write for m/NoStory
« on: February 26, 2019, 11:52:09 PM »
Rule #1: The body of your post can ONLY include the exact text of the subject line. You may change the punctuation, spacing, etc.
Rule #2: The subject of your post should be a mini-story. IE: "I Went To Wal-Mart And Discovered The Secret To Low Prices: MURDER."
Rule #3: Try to be funny, but try not to be stupid. XD

My parents bought a lawn jockey.

Every night, it rides the dog through my bedroom.

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