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My basement stairs lead into a dark, damp room below ground.

Started by Slimebeast

Always check the expiration date on packaged deli meat. (Part 4)

Started by Abysmii

Just A Tip: Listen To Those "Do Not Apply To Anus" Warnings.

Started by Slimebeast

Dead People Don't Talk To Me, They Just Lie There. It's Boring.

Started by Slimebeast

I Did the "Staring at the Sun With Binoclulars" Ritual, and Now I'm Blind

Started by HopelessNightOwl

I think my neighbors lawn is eating the neighborhood (Part 58 of 165)

Started by Sharpima14

The one time I find a dead body and it was mine and I killed myself (27 of 31)

Started by A. Warren Johnson

I Did a Ritual I Found Online, and I Have No Regrets (Part 2 of 12)

Started by HopelessNightOwl

I Went Back In Time to Stop 9/11, but Then I Ended Up Doing 9/11 Instead

Started by HopelessNightOwl

I'm Being Stalked By a Creepy Goodyear Blimp With Faded Paint

Started by HopelessNightOwl

I bought a haunted hammer on ebay as a goof, now my toolbox is bleeding.

Started by Abysmii

Someone painted symbols on my house , I've called the cops again. (Part 6)

Started by Abysmii

Yesterday I bought a gallon of milk. Today I can see the future.

Started by Nightmare Fanatic

I Had A Terrifying Nightmare That's Actually Just Stupid When I Look Back On It

Started by Slimebeast

I Know The REAL Reason Garfield Hates Mondays, And It Chills Me To The Bone

Started by Slimebeast

I Think The NoStory Mods Are Hiding Something! [REMOVED]

Started by Slimebeast

My Neighbor Waters Her Plants In Human Blood (And She's Using The Garden Hose.)

Started by Slimebeast

Every cat in town is following me. I think they know I am the Tuna Ghost

Started by LuckyPurr

I Saw A Lost Spongebob Episode, Plankton Said Shrimpstein Didn't Grill Himself

Started by Slimebeast

I Think My Girlfriend Is Cheating On Me With My Split Personality

Started by Slimebeast


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Who needs stories? We have titles!
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Capture, Restrain, Provoke.
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Weird people have weird stuff.
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Lost media reviews.
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