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My Parents Bought A Lawn Jockey, Every Night It Rides The Dog Through My Bedroom

Started by Slimebeast

I dated a serial killer and now I wish I hadn't

Started by Phantom

My Slutty Dead Sister Keeps Borrowing My Favorite Dress And Ruining It

Started by Slimebeast

I Know Why Rick Moranis REALLY Quit Show Business. He Was Eaten By Slugs.

Started by Slimebeast

I'm Pretty Sure This is Just a Normal Shoe (Part 1 of 27)

Started by Slimebeast

I got a talking dog and now I’m a serial killer

Started by PostMortem

I've Been Bestowed a Jinxed Thesaurus, And at Present i Yearn The Time I Hadn't

Started by ApoloTrevent

I Think My Podcast's Cohost Has Been Dead Since The Christmas Special Part 5

Started by ApoloTrevent

I Poured The Milk First And Now Tony The Tiger Wants To Maul Me (Finale)

Started by ApoloTrevent

I Have Irrefutable Proof My Dad Went To Prom With The Zodiac Killer

Started by ApoloTrevent

My 3 Year Old Finds The Plot Of Metal Gear Extremely Simple (Part 3/??)

Started by ApoloTrevent

I'm a Dead Clown and this is my LAST Birthday Party

Started by Slimebeast

I Think Someone is Planning to Illegally Kill Me

Started by Slimebeast

The Game "Two Crude Dudes" Was Based on a True Story. Mine. And Another Dude's.

Started by Slimebeast

I recall being Black and South-African, I think i'm suffering the Mandela Effect

Started by ApoloTrevent

The Last 12 rolls of Toilet Paper i bought all came with a Lipstick Mark Part II

Started by ApoloTrevent

This cartridge i got in a garage sale keeps calling me old racial slurs (6)

Started by ApoloTrevent

The Ghost of my older Cousin Keeps Beating me (Part 1: Mario Kart)

Started by ApoloTrevent

Shadow People Won't Stop Sucking My Toes At Night.

Started by Logan96

My Ghost Mom Threw a Vase at my GF for the Fifth Time and I'm Ready to Snap

Started by Oxygen-Thief


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Who needs stories? We have titles!
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Capture, Restrain, Provoke.
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Weird people have weird stuff.
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Lost media reviews.
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