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Shadow People Won't Stop Sucking My Toes At Night.

Started by Logan96

The Ghost of my older Cousin Keeps Beating me (Part 1: Mario Kart)

Started by ApoloTrevent

This cartridge i got in a garage sale keeps calling me old racial slurs (6)

Started by ApoloTrevent

The Last 12 rolls of Toilet Paper i bought all came with a Lipstick Mark Part II

Started by ApoloTrevent

I recall being Black and South-African, I think i'm suffering the Mandela Effect

Started by ApoloTrevent

The Game "Two Crude Dudes" Was Based on a True Story. Mine. And Another Dude's.

Started by Slimebeast

I Think Someone is Planning to Illegally Kill Me

Started by Slimebeast

I'm a Dead Clown and this is my LAST Birthday Party

Started by Slimebeast

My 3 Year Old Finds The Plot Of Metal Gear Extremely Simple (Part 3/??)

Started by ApoloTrevent

I Have Irrefutable Proof My Dad Went To Prom With The Zodiac Killer

Started by ApoloTrevent

I Poured The Milk First And Now Tony The Tiger Wants To Maul Me (Finale)

Started by ApoloTrevent

I Think My Podcast's Cohost Has Been Dead Since The Christmas Special Part 5

Started by ApoloTrevent

I've Been Bestowed a Jinxed Thesaurus, And at Present i Yearn The Time I Hadn't

Started by ApoloTrevent

I got a talking dog and now I’m a serial killer

Started by PostMortem

I'm Pretty Sure This is Just a Normal Shoe (Part 1 of 27)

Started by Slimebeast

I Know Why Rick Moranis REALLY Quit Show Business. He Was Eaten By Slugs.

Started by Slimebeast

My Slutty Dead Sister Keeps Borrowing My Favorite Dress And Ruining It

Started by Slimebeast

I dated a serial killer and now I wish I hadn't

Started by Phantom

My Parents Bought A Lawn Jockey, Every Night It Rides The Dog Through My Bedroom

Started by Slimebeast


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Who needs stories? We have titles!
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Lost media reviews.
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