Hodgepodge Motor Lodge
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Posted by Slimebeast on: May 12, 2019, 06:24:05 PM
Business Name: Hodgepodge Motor Lodge

Owner/Proprietor: Martin & Marie Talbot

Description: Welcome to the Hodgepodge Motor Lodge! Owned and operated by beloved local couple Martin & Marie Talbot, this quaint, historic motel offers modern amenities. Each room is themed and hand-decorated to be an immersive experience, with special built-in features that will keep you engaged. From the romantic Vampire's Castle room, to the high-tech Advanced AI room, the Hodgepodge Motor Lodge is more than a place to spend the night. It's an experience you'll warn others about for years to come!

Ask about our unique floor plan. There's always a vacancy because there's always a new room!

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Posted by Logan the Lobotomizer on: May 22, 2019, 07:40:35 PM
Rating: 1/5

Customer: Jacob Roberts

Review: I'm never coming back! I got a room and by myself and woke up the next morning naked with a stranger in my bed. I had clothes on when I went to bed the night before and I thought I was alone.

Posted by MickiMaus on: July 17, 2019, 01:16:58 AM
Rating: 3/5

Customer: David Harmon

Stayed in the Vampire's Castle room on my honeymoon a couple of weeks ago. There was an annoying draft during our whole stay, and while the WiFi was fine, the lack of light other than candles was a bit unsettling. The theming was pretty good though; the furniture perfectly matched the 14th century setting (possibly even real antiques), and the atmospheric candlelights definitely got wifey in the mood. Only problem is, ever since we came back, she's been off. There's two small pinpricks in her neck (I suspect some weird rural insect bit her), and she's been tired during the day and restless at night. She's also been avoiding the sun, which isn't a big change, considering she's a ginger, but it's getting to be ridiculous; she's even missing work. Still, I can't specifically link these events to the hotel, and we did have an excellent weekend, so I figured I'd leave a decent review. But, to all future travelers: Pack some bug spray. God knows what's out there.