CRP-0600, Shadowcide Mountain
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Posted by Slimebeast on: December 28, 2019, 05:52:05 AM

CRP-0600 (background) and detached shadow (Foreground)

Item Number: CRP-0600

Danger Level: Helio

Restraining Directives: CRP-0600 is to be patrolled by Blue Flamingo operatives during daylight hours. All operatives are to be disguised as incredibly obnoxious middle-aged tourists. Any unapproved visitors to CRP-0600, or a surrounding radius of five miles, are to be directed away from the area immediately. If said visitors lose or do not possess shadows, a class five blow to the head is to be administered.

Description: CRP-0600 is Mt. ██████, also colloquially known as "Shadowcide Mountain" among the closely surrounding populace. Located in [REDACTED], USA, CRP-0600 has been observed to exhibit anomalous properties regarding shadows cast by living beings in its proximity. This effect is not restricted to human subjects, though animal subjects are only theorized to experience identical psychological results. Perhaps surprisingly, CRP-0600 appears to contain no anomalous caves, ores, or burial grounds.

Any living being that comes within a radius of 5 miles of CRP-0600 loses connection to its shadow. Said shadow will then proceed to "walk" toward CRP-0600, seemingly of its own volition. Upon reaching the foot of the mountain, shadows begin "climbing". Rock climbing skills exhibited by shadows appear to mimic those of the being that cast them. Expert climbers have shadows who display climbing expertise. Inexperienced climbers have shadows that appear clumsier. Inexperienced shadows may "fall" repeatedly, but show no signs of injury.

When a shadow reaches the peak of CRP-0600, it will immediately "jump". In stark contrast to the ascent, shadows that jump off of the peak appear as if they have been cast by a subject who has leapt high and far, causing the shadow to "glide" down the rocky surface in a quick and graceful manner with arms outstretched. Shadows that fall to the bottom of CRP-0600 lie motionless and will pile up if enough subjects wander too close. "Deceased" shadows disappear at sundown and do not return the following morning.

Subjects who experience this phenomena do not cast shadows for a period of 24 hours, after which their shadow gradually begins to fade back into existence. These subjects also report that they no longer dream of anything but falling.

Update: Shadows cannot be dissuaded from approaching the mountain. This information was not included at the time of writing because it seemed to go without saying that shadows are immaterial.

Further Information:

The following is a brief list of dreams reported by subjects found to have encountered CRP-0600, after suffering detachment from their shadows. More thorough information is pending review.

  • "My airplane had just broken apart in mid-air. I just remember looking down at the sea and falling forever."
  • "It was the first day of school, but the school was on its side and I was falling down the hallways endlessly."
  • "I was on top of the Eiffel Tower and some asshole said something in French and pushed me."
  • "I was just kind of falling in darkness. It was more boring than scary."
  • "My father was telling me that he was always proud of me but didn't know how to say it. We were falling the entire time."

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